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South Western Ontario

Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Assisted Living Facility in SW Ontario

Good illumination in an assisted living/ retirement scenario requires complex lighting systems. Residents who can control their lighting need systems that are easy to figure out and can be controlled with switches and knobs that are easy on arthritic or weak hands. Meanwhile, the methods must also be easy for caregivers to maintain for emergencies and everyday use.


As a lighting design agency in South Western Ontario, All About Lighting knows how to design systems to meet any need. Our designs range from ultra-modern office lighting to subdued exterior landscape illumination. We can create the perfect plan for your assisted living or retirement complex with no trouble.


Lighting for assisted living/ retirement facilities must also be completely safe and follow all legally mandated ADA standards. This means that the luminaires cannot extend more than 4 inches from the wall and cannot be mounted too close to the floor or too far. It can be easy to make mistakes, so it is best to leave it to professionals like us.


Finally, lighting in these apartments or facilities needs to look nicer than in a hospital. Many assisted living residents have been there for years, and they deserve a functional, attractive, serene living space with carefully considered interior design- including the lights. Therefore, simple recessed ceiling lights won't do.


In contrast, our systems meet the needs of everyone, from healthy retirees to those who need 24-hour nursing care and those who care for them in various situations. Call All About Lighting today to learn more about what they can do to brighten up your residential complex or nursing facility!

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