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Acoustic Lighting

Control Sound and Illumination with Acoustic Lighting

If you run an open office or other ample working space, you have come in during the busy time only to find that it's deafening in the room. Yet, when you walk by the desks, everyone is talking at an average volume or just loud enough for their companions to hear them over the general.


One of the best solutions for this problem is to install acoustic lighting. This type of lighting uses noise-dampening luminaires to provide both illumination and sound control at the same time. A typical implementation is to hang one of these luminaires over each table, where its acoustic function is not apparent, and its lighting function is very welcome.


Since each room is different, there is no one-size solution. Instead, the best results come when you have us design and build a system precisely for your situation. Custom systems take things like room size, overall construction, and the typical group size into account. They can also be adapted for variations like a few vast tables amongst several small ones, different flooring materials in other areas, and more.


Once we finish the design and build phase, we will install the new lighting system for you. After that, you can walk through the room anytime without being bombarded with people talking, objects being shuffled around, or general group noise. 

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