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Serving the South Western Ontario & the Golden Horseshoe, AAL is committed to provide the best available lighting products for any projects.


Acoustic Lighting

Control Sound and Illumination with Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic solutions incorporating lighting and acoustics in one system provide an optimal answer to the high noise levels and reverberation issues typical to open, no-ceiling tile and multi-purpose spaces.


The integrated systems simplify specification, sourcing and installation and procure a unified look that enhances the architecture of each interior space. Sound levels are controlled, and optimal illumination levels are also achieved, increasing the comfort and well-being of those who inhabit the areas.


Each acoustic and sound baffle companion is designed using the luminaire as a platform. This approach allows versatility and flexibility when combining light and acoustics. We can create the lighting and acoustic based on the availability and condition of the space. Thus, the aesthetic and comfort of each room are optimized with beautiful, coordinated lighting and acoustic solutions.

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Architainment Lighting

Make Your Building Truly Memorable with Architainment Lighting

Have you ever seen pictures of large or famous buildings lit up in colours to commemorate special events? Examples include state or federal facilities done up in the colours of their country or those they would like to honour, big bridges or decorative displays that flash colours during holidays, and sports stadiums that show the colours of the teams currently playing. These are examples of architainment lighting in action, which is exciting and eye-catching for locals and tourists alike. It promotes civic pride.


These effects are not as hard to attain as they seem. LED technology has advanced so much today that it can do many fun things. They are adding architainment lighting to your building so that it becomes the focal point of its area. Even better, this lighting is typically added to regular architectural lighting systems so that you can vary your lighting scheme throughout the year. Remember, similar effects with CN Tower or Montreal Casino, which Lumascape did.

Lighting for Industrial Hazardous 

Is Brightness the Only Important Factor in Lighting for Industrial Hazardous Locations?


In a hazardous location, lighting must allow dangerous factors to be visible, and this requires reducing glare, increasing contrast, and providing sufficient light without causing eye fatigue. 


This boils down to a need for lighting that is just bright enough but not so bright that people squint or get headaches.


It needs to be set up so that it doesn't reflect off of shiny surfaces and hurt people’s eyes, especially at unexpected times.


Lighting controls need to be implemented to ensure that the illumination, and even the physical temperature, is always just right.

Rely on All About Lighting to design and manage your lighting system. We provide luminaires, lamps and special lighting controls to ensure that everything operates in a precise way.


Lighting For Circadian Rhythm

Does Lighting for Circadian Rhythm Work?

Most people rely on lighting for circadian rhythm regulation. Because of this, those with insomnia are often advised to look at bright lights at their desired waking time and dim their lights starting a couple of hours before their desired bedtime. It can be an incredibly effective technique and adequate lighting to incorporate suitable luminaires with BIOS Technology designed by a certified Circadian Auditor from All About Lighting into your home.


One of the keys to getting this to work is to add other methods for encouraging the desired sleep schedule. This includes turning off all electronic entertainment an hour or two before bedtime so the brain is lulled into a less-active state. Temperature control is also reasonable, though the usual recommendation to turn down the heat is not universally effective. Instead, it's best to use the temperature that makes you feel the drowsiest.


If lighting for circadian rhythm regulation works for you, then it's a good idea to make it easier for you to use. The best thing you could do about this is to incorporate this lighting scheme into your home's overall design. This offers you much more flexibility and freedom while continuing to engage in circadian rhythm patterns.

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