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Architainment Lighting

Make Your Building Truly Memorable with Architainment Lighting

Have you ever seen pictures of large or famous buildings lit up in colours to commemorate special events? Examples include state or federal facilities done up in the colours of their country or those they would like to honour, big bridges or decorative displays that flash colours during holidays, and sports stadiums that show the colours of the teams currently playing. These are examples of architainment lighting in action, which is exciting and eye-catching for locals and tourists alike.


These effects aren't as hard to attain as they seem; let our engineers at All About Lighting work the magic with you. You can easily add architainment lighting to your building so that it becomes the focal point of its area. Even better, this lighting is typically added to regular architectural lighting systems so that you can vary your lighting scheme throughout the year. Remember, CN Tower or Montreal Casino has done by Lumascape. 


Using standard architectural lighting ensures that people notice it when you switch to the architainment version. When done well, it can become a local landmark on your cityscape. Depending on your business, you may find that it serves as a great form of advertising even though the lights don't usually form any words or logos. A building lit in something other than the typical white or yellowish-white will get people to see and remember it.

To get the best effects, it is recommended to work with an experienced lighting agency to set everything up, from design and computer simulation to actual mock-ups on site. These agencies know how to make the most impact with lights and can ensure that your system will comply with any relevant energy codes.

For breathtaking results, choose to work with the experts at All About Lighting and our partners.

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