How We Use BIM/Revit to Create Flawless Designs

At a lighting design agency, you can get much more than suggestions for pre-existing luminaires. You can also get custom designed luminaires for your unique situation, and custom designs for your building's lighting systems. Both interior and exterior systems can be designed, so you can get a total lighting solution if you work with the right company, like All About Lighting.


We usually conduct a complete study of the applications prior to recommending a lighting solution using products from our numerous partners. We matched the right product for the application in terms of performance, aesthetics look, and budget. If the product has a BIM model we will use them if none we will create one so we can simulate the light in the required space. This allows both designers and owners to visually see the proposed design. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is a process for documenting everything about a building so that an accurate 3D model can be created. Meanwhile, Revit is a popular software for the purpose of BIM that allows for the linking of several 3D elements to create a detailed whole. This means architectural, mechanical, and electrical components as well. This ensures no conflict that will not be known to us prior to construction.


Using BIM/ Revit allows us to efficiently determine which types of the overall structure and specific luminaires will be best for a given space. Since physical models do not need to be produced, the cost and time needed for this design method are both much lower than would otherwise be possible. More potential design ideas can be tested, as well.


When you need excellent results from your lighting design, working closely with your trusted partner like a good lighting agency knowledgeable with the latest design software will be huge. We will take care of all of the work, and then provide you with the final contenders for you to choose from. Every design will be made with care and attention to detail, from the first pixel to the final plug-in.