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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Adapts to the Situation

When most people think of commercial Lighting, they imagine dull, flickering fluorescent tubes. While this is a prevalent form of area lighting, there are other options. Systems with better esthetics are better for morale and are often better at illuminating the space. At All About Lighting, we strive to provide a more appealing form of commercial Lighting.


Modern architecture is susceptible to the design of area lighting. Better luminaires are required when the area needs so much light that bare lamps are the best bet. These excellent-looking luminaires do away with the garage style and use minimalistic designs to present the lamps in a chic way. They are popular in spaces owned or leased by design companies, software firms, and factories.


In recent years, many commercial lighting systems have removed fluorescent tubes altogether. Instead, they use LED lighting systems to brighten up space. They are more efficient than fluorescent tubing and offer the chance to have greater control over the "warmth" of the light. LED lighting allows you to choose from the entire spectrum of white light and use any colour you'd like. Even better, some systems let you mix white and coloured light to create the perfect effect.


Systems that allow for colour adjustment are popular in locations such as boutiques, clubs, and similar public-facing establishments. In a boutique, for example, you may want primarily white light with a hint of rose tones. With old-fashioned systems, you would have to use mainly cool-white lamps with red ones mixed in every so often. That works from a distance, but the effect is far less impressive when the customer is right up under the lighting bank and can see the variety of lamps. With an LED system, everything can be hidden behind a wall so that only the light shows. Not only does this keep the "mechanics" of the system out of sight, but it also produces a much more upscale effect at the place where the light emanates from the hidden luminaires.


With all of these possibilities, you may think that coming up with the right design could be overwhelming. We are happy to let you know that we can free you of your worries. All About Lighting can design commercial Lighting for you, whether your business makes car parts or sells exclusive designer apparel. Just tell us about the effect you're looking for, including the mood you want to create, and we will take care of the rest.

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