LEED Certification

Remember Your Lighting as You Seek LEED Certification

Both homes and buildings can get LEED certification, which shows that they are efficient and eco-friendly structures. Getting this certification can qualify your structure for a number of benefits or favorable tax structures, depending on your location and local regulations. If you have a commercial building or you are a residential landlord, it can also help you attract eco-minded tenants. This type of construction also helps your wallet in a direct way: Your energy bills will be lower and the quality of illumination is not sacrificed, too.


The WELL Standard, or more fully, the WELL Building Standard, instead focuses on the way a building's attributes affect human health and well-being. Among other factors, meeting this standard plays into light intensity and acoustics.


All About Lighting has plenty of experience helping property owners attain both LEED certification and the WELL Standard. Ecologically, the use of a highly-efficient LED lighting system is clearly preferable to less-efficient ways of lighting the area. Meanwhile, lighting is known to impact human health, and making sure your illumination meets the WELL standard helps to ensure that the impact is positive.


It can be challenging to design a system that meets both standards and ASHRAE on your own. The regulating bodies can be very particular about how things are done, and full passage requires that all of the guidelines are met. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a professional lighting design firm that works well with an experienced lighting agency to provide the right products for the designed solutions without going overboard on the budget.


When you work with professional lighting designers, you are saved from having to pore through the big books of requirements. As the design is completed we will ensure the right products to provide that will achieve the desired results.  As an owner, you can sit back & relax and we will take let us take care of the rest.