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Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services Aren't Just for Plugging In Lamps

All too often, Lighting in commercial locations is as essential as possible. It may be bright enough, but its implementation does nothing to brighten the mood. This can make coming into the office and working feel like drudgery even when the actual tasks aren't tedious. 


When you allow All About Lighting to provide design inputs on your lighting projects, you will immediately see the benefit of good Lighting can significantly impact your workspace. When done correctly, your office can become an inviting and invigorating area, and productivity and morale increase under bright yet conducive Lighting.


As a lighting agency, we combine art and science to leverage our understanding of illumination and create the desired effects. The focus on design does away with old-fashioned, inefficient office lighting and replaces it with a more modern, highly functional look. Everyone gets the light they need to see well and feels comfortable at home.


We also offer ongoing lighting services that make keeping your lights in proper working order easy. Luminaire maintenance, adjustments to meet changing needs, and, yes, consistency throughout its lifetime can be included in the unique service agreement. With LEDs, light output depreciates through time and because they are electronics, they also fail earlier. Because we have the light study specific to your application, we can re-program the LED luminaires to match the light output, Color Temperature (CCT), and Color Rendering (CRI) of the luminaires. We can even work with lighting manufacturers to produce the luminaires you need. Since we are insured, the risk to your company is significantly reduced compared to having an employee try to manage these jobs. If About Lighting, call today if you need to redo your please Lighting or get ongoing service.

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